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This web-site is presently intented to be a statement of my ‘weltanschauung’; I’am dedicating this site, in gratitude,- to the Innovators, the Creators , past and present, who nourished our civilization; and in particular the great thinkers & achievers of the human race who have been the fountainheads of my own intellectual evolution, including the three Philosophers  whom I consider to be:


 The Milestones  in  My  Life


Friedrich Nietzsche                      Ayn Rand                      Max More

"SK's Keynote Statement"

Message to India & the 3rd Worldč


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 And hopefully,- this site will also serve,- any interested person,- as a gate-way to knowledge amplification and enhancement , -a non-specialist / lay-person’s focal point for consolidation , integration and dissemination of the rapidly evolving progress in

Science ,Technology  & Applied Philosophy.


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19th April 2004


4th  February  2005

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SK’s FavouriteWeb-Sites

Expand Your Mind,-Happy Browsing


Dr.Max More, Ph.d ;Founder:Extropy Institute


Max More, Business Futurism, Advanced Decision Making

ManyWorlds.com - The Knowledge Network for Thought Leaders on Business Strategy, Innovation and Futures.

Ray Kurzweil:Law of Accelerating Returns;Innovator & Philosopher of Science

Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.

Natasha Vita More Universe

WELCOME! Transhumanist Arts Center

Anders Transhuman Page



Ayn Rand Institute: The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism

Leonard Peikoff: Ayn Rand's Philosophy: Objectivism

Sciabarra's Dialectics and Liberty

Celebrate Capitalism

PRODOS.COM internet radio - Ayn Rand, Science, Lateral Thinking, Rights, Capitalism, Art, Humour

Objectivist Center -- Objectivism, Reason, Individualism, Achievement, and Freedom

Gennady Stolyarov II-Objectivist,Extropian,Science Fiction Writer;Founder:"The Rational Argumentator"


Friedrich Nietzsche Society

The Nietzsche Channel


Eric Drexler:NanoTechnology Pioneer-Foresight Institute


Dr.Robert Ettinger - Cryonics Pioneer

Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Immortality Institute-Unlimited Life-Spans

(You are welcome to read my self-introduction   letter at the ImmInst.org site)


The Methuselah Foundation- Reversing the Ageing Process

[Donate to Methuselah Mouse Prize: My own Rationale ?   :Support Research to Extend Human Life-Span]



Gregory Stock-Redesigning Humans

Hans Moravec -AI & Robotics Pioneer

Prof.Marvin Minsky-AI Lab-MIT

Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Alexander Sasha Chislenko

  Robert Heinlein-Science Fiction

 Dr. Fiorella Terenzi -Astronomer,Scientist & Musician

Astrophysics-Amara's Digital Web

AstroBiology-Life in the Outer Universe

Digital Space Commons

Mathematics in Action !-Wolfram Research, Inc.


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